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project 52: thoughts

52 quotes. 52 films. 52 weeks.
Project 52: Thoughts was a self-initiated project, where I created a short film inspired by, and representing, a quotation, every week, for 52 weeks. I began the project the first week of January 2015. This project was a way to force and challenge myself into making things, and doing so, on a frequent basis. It was a great opportunity to  build  more film and video content for my portfolio, and to learn other filmmaking and editing techniques. (Such as animation styles, selective coloring, key-framing, double exposure etc.)
The weekly deadline was a demanding challenge, but nonetheless, it was one I successfully completed. And I did so, because I didn't want to give up. Every week that passed gave me more reason to keep going, despite the difficulty during the seven days allotted for the 3 stages of production, while managing other daily responsibilities. A "production week", usually, ended up being only really 3 days to construct, shoot, and edit a piece I was happy to show. (This was due to the tribulations of creative inspiration, to put it simply.) My goal was to create a new and interesting story for each film. For every film to be original nothing that appears to be repeating in style or format of the previous. This foundation was the only way, I believe, you could make 52 films and have someone want to watch all 52.
Overall, the year project took an estimated 1,200 hours of work. During those hours, I was finding quotes, planning and testing shots, filming, editing, selecting music, and refining the piece to what you see as the final edit. I'm proud of the completion of this project (and still to this day). I'm also very grateful for the positive feedback and fellow creative friends I found during the journey. I hope you enjoy the films and find one that brings you inspiration.
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