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Arr is a filmmaker, artist, and content creator.

She is a director and pays sincere attention to quality cinematography, sound, and pacing in all video endeavors, ensuring to provide a distinctive piece of work, regardless of genre. Arr has experience being a creative video producer, for she manages multiple aspects of production from concept ideation and storyboarding to filming and editing. Her background/degree in industrial engineering, strengthens her predisposition for efficient production and a DIY design attitude. 

Arr has written various commercial pitches, advertising campaign concepts, and video content ideas. She thinks of unique ways to gather audience attention and thoughtfully connect them to the narrative or core values being presented. Arr also writes articles on her blog about adventures in filmmaking and art, along with general creative advice based on what she continues to learn every day. 

She’s provided work for independent artists, as well as the marketing agency Ideas United. A long time contractor with the studio, she's contributed to various projects for brands, including Campus Movie Fest and The Weather Channel.

Her first passion with a digital camera was creative photography, which she continues to practice with her DSLR and instant film cameras, alongside digital and analog collage work. When she’s not making things, she's usually browsing antique and vintage stores, or overthinking wherever she’s currently existing.

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