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artist statement

My photography work strives to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the everyday while trying to promote a different perspective of those same everyday objects and beings. These perspectives attempt to uncover the enchanting simplicity of nature, the fascinating angles of subjects, and the evocative nature of light and space within a piece. After I photograph a subject, I edit the image further— manipulating tones to form a specific mood or scheme in the image captured.


Sometimes, I delve further into the image, altering it to form an entirely new piece, composited of multiple images alongside changes in color and composition. These pieces are, in essence, transmutations. I place great detail in how shapes and beings coexist into total entities. These works act as scavenger hunts on a new landscape of creation. I want the viewer to find the remnants, the connections, and additions I’ve created— the particulars of reviving stagnant pieces into new. These elements and perspectives allow the viewer to refine their abilities of distinction. They are able to see things in a novel light, even if they’ve seen similar before. Furthermore, the viewer is able to create their own identity within the work.


Both my film and photography work have patterns and meanings within themselves for the viewer to seek and create their own stories within. I encourage double-takes, curiosity, and discussion. Ultimately, my goal is capture inspiring scenes that encapsulate my own viewpoint of the world, or the client's, while providing the spectator a new sense of a common subject that they can further investigate and enjoy.

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